Cultural Finca Son Baulo Mallorca – Events

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For over 10 years two to three cultural, refined events such as concerts, theatre, ballet or flamenco have been given every month, in an exceptional indoor or open-air ambience. Thus, from the beginning, we have enjoyed the image of being a quality-conscious „culture institution“. Not for nothing is Son Bauló the cultural finca of Majorca. Furthermore, we organise performances of Majorcan folk dance groups in their wonderful, colourful costumes. Artists to touch, big names in front of a small audience. That is our maxim.

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Faust Piano

Cultural Finca Son Baulo Mallorca – Events 

Januar Vorschau

So 02. Januar 2022 Neujahrs-Jazz&Classic mit Manfred Kullmann-Trio
11:00h Brunch – 13:00h Konzert

So 09. Januar 2022 Will & Willy-Day
11:00h Brunch – 13:00h Konzert Music & Show

So 16. Januar 2022 Tuesday Groove Session “Special”. Rhythm & Blues, Rock & more
11:00h Brunch – 13:00h Konzert & Show

Do 20. Januar 2022 – Autoren-Salon Son Bauló

So 23. Januar 2022 José Llorach & Anna Colom und Ezequiel Coria
Flamenco und Root-Musik mit Musik aus Argentinien, Chile, Uruguay
11:00h Brunch – 13:00h Konzert

So 30. Januar 2022 DUO SONIANTE moving virtuosity.
Teresa Alda (Violine), Malte Darko (Piano) Classic fürs Herz.
11:00h Brunch – 13:00h Konzert

Cultural Finca Son Baulo Mallorca – Events