The early birds look east into the sunrise, over the horse paddock to our fruit trees. While in the south the magnificent rooster, boss of the chicken run, crows in the new day. The south-west view is delighted by the green of the lawn, fat palm trees and the overgrown biotope. To the north-west, when the visibility is especially high, the Tramuntana Mountains, which fall steeply towards the sea, seem close enough the touch. In between rises the convent church of Lloret in our village centre. Right in front of the door old palms, mulberry trees, lavender and flowering bushes shine in the colourful light of the evening sun. Thus each room, each suite, has its own special appeal. Not only because of the „paradisiacal“ view, but also by its lovingly created ambience in which art has been given a small home.

Finca Hotel Mallorca Son Bauló – room rates

Room No. Two
Tower below

Finca Hotel Mallorca Son Bauló
– Room prices

All 5 normal rooms and 6 suites can be booked twice. Holiday stay with breakfast. Please ask for seminar conditions.

Ferienaufenthalt mit FrühstückTag
Doppelzimmer 98,00 €
Doppelzimmer als Einzelzimmer 74,00 €
Suite als Doppelzimmer128,00 €
Suite als Einzelzimmer 96,00 €
Zustell-bett Doppelzimmer 38,00 €
Zustell-bett Suite 44,00 €
Kind bis 6 Jahre 13,00 €
Kind bis 14 Jahre50%
Dinner 3 bis 4 Gänge (pro Person)ca. 26,00 €
Alle Preise zzgl. 10% MwSt.
Stornokosten (s. AGB unter Impressum ) | Update: 04.02.2013

Cancellation fee

Cancellation after booking: 30% 4 weeks before departure: 60% 2 weeks: 75% 1 week: 100%

Finca Hotel Mallorca Son Bauló

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Finca Hotel Son Bauló